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If you are ready to share your passion for healthy living with others, Orange Shoe Personal Fitness will give you the tools to create your own success.

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If you are ready to share your passion for healthy living with others, Orange Shoe Personal Fitness will give you the tools to create your own success. Becoming a franchise partner takes time, money, and devotion, but our owners find it all worthwhile because they are dedicated to helping clients do everything better.

Orange Shoe Personal Fitness is a niche franchise opportunity in a $20 Billion Market.

The Orange Shoe Personal Fitness mission is to help people do everything better while building long-term relationships and having fun. We are looking for individuals who have similar aspirations in their next big step or business venture to join our team.

The personal fitness industry is rapidly growing in popularity across the country, and we position our brand by creating a clear, competitive difference in a market filled with “one size fits all” health clubs. As a result, Orange Shoe franchise owners are reaping the rewards.

The Orange Shoe Difference.

We do personal fitness better than anyone in the industry.

As life changes for each of our clients, we adjust their program to fit their needs accordingly. This makes Orange Shoe unlike any other personal fitness franchise in the country.

We have a proven model of success.

Our systems are easy to understand and operate, and we merge curriculum with career to advance your life. We bring systems in-house to advance staff and keep our product delivery consistent.

We believe you should never go through big life changes alone.

That is why we offer you continued franchise support beyond your studio opening. Unlike franchises that offer resources only up to opening day, Orange Shoe is here for you as a resource throughout your franchise ownership.

Orange Shoe has an established and respected brand equity.

There is less risk in an Orange Shoe franchise ownership compared to independent business ownership. Ninety-eight percent of franchisees are still in business 10 years after opening day while only two-thirds of small business make it past the first two years of ownership.
At your studio, clients won’t feel that static, uninspired feeling they know so well at health clubs—and neither will you. And because our approach is designed to address the specific health needs of our clients, we can charge a premium price for our expert training services.

The opportunity is clear. Learn more about the initial investment and how we can help you succeed in owning and operating an Orange Shoe Personal Fitness franchise of your own.

No one wants to see you succeed more than we do. That is why Orange Shoe provides multiple forms of support to help you and your Orange Shoe franchise succeed. And Orange Shoe doesn’t stop providing support once your franchise opens—Orange Shoe continues to support you as your franchise grows through on-demand business coaches, team conference calls, training seminars, and marketing support. We are committed to your success—no agenda, no ulterior motives—and are truly committed to your bottom line.

Here is what you can expect from the Orange Shoe brand:

Site and lease negotiations.

Orange shoe assists you in multiple ways to help locate and build your franchise. First, we help in site selection by identifying geographies that fit the franchise demographic. Then, we assist in lease negotiations, space design, finish selections, and equipment purchases as well as provide guidance in selecting the right contractors for your build out. Orange Shoe partners with some of the best commercial real estate professionals in the country and we pass these partnerships along to you.

Leverage our purchasing power.

As soon as you are part of the Orange Shoe franchise system, you’ll enjoy significant price breaks that we negotiate with various vendors. Leveraging our negotiated prices will reduce your initial investment and help you become profitable more quickly. We’ve negotiated the best prices for everything you will need to properly equip your new Orange Shoe franchise. The good news is, we are a strong negotiator.


New franchise partners will participate in a four-week training program. This includes: 1) Training at the Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Training Center in Madison, WI, 2) hands-on management experience in an existing franchised location and 3) web-based training.

Ongoing operations support.

We’ll provide you with the organizational backbone and proven systems to help build and run your business. The moment you are part of the Orange Shoe franchise system, you are assigned an Orange Shoe business coach. Your business coach is committed to making your studio as successful as possible, and will be right beside you to provide guidance and answers when you need them most. Once you open your Orange Shoe franchise, Orange Shoe continues to provide ongoing training—including program development, marketing assistance, business management training, technical training, and new-hire training. We know that day 500 is just as important as day 1 and we are here with you every step of the way with our proven, long-term support systems.

Sales and marketing support.

Our marketing plan is designed to attract our unique target market. We’ve created a powerful brand, proven marketing materials and an authoritative web presence. We’ll teach you how to use these resources to bring people through the door, and then provide you with the tools and training to turn prospects into clients. Simply stated, our plans and tools work.

Opening a franchise can seem like a challenge. Luckily, Orange Shoe Personal Fitness is available to help you through the process. The cost of each unit varies by size and location. The total investment range is $81,500 – $271,000.

Type of Expenditures Low Amount High Amount Method of Payment When Due To Whom Payment is Made
Initial Franchise Fee $29,000 $29,000 Lump sum Upon execution of the Franchise Agreement Orange Shoe
Lease Utility & Security Deposits $0 $8,500 As incurred As incurred Third parties
Leasehold Improvements $0 $125,000 As arranged As arranged Third parties
Signage $2,000 $8,500 Lump sum As arranged Approved Suppliers
Fitness Equipment $3,000 $5,000 Lump sum As arranged Approved Suppliers
Electronic Equipment & Software $6,000 $8,000 Lump sum As arranged Approved Suppliers
Apparel $500 $1,000 As arranged As arranged Orange Shoe or Approved Suppliers
Furniture & Fixtures $4,000 $6,000 As incurred As incurred Third parties
Office Supplies & Misc. $2,500 $3,500 As incurred As incurred Orange Shoe or Approved Suppliers
Business Licenses & Permits $100 $500 As incurred As Incurred Third parties
Professional Fees $500 $3,500 As arranged As arranged Third parties
Insurance $1,500 $2,500 Lump sum Before commencing business Third parties
Initial Training $3,000 $4,000 As incurred As incurred Third parties
Grand Opening Marketing $3,000 $6,000 As incurred As incurred Third parties
Additional Funds/Working Capital $30,000 $60,000 As incurred As incurred Third parties
Total $85,100 $271,000

Our Success Stories

“I was looking for an organization I could grow in, but not get lost in. I was looking for a high-quality company that could attract the best people to work for me. And I found it.”

Lauren Birkel

“Owning my own business has been a life-changing experience.”

Scott Michel

“If you want to become part of an industry-leading team with a unique business model, Orange Shoe Personal Fitness is the right fit.”

Wade Ritchie

“We all work as a team at Orange Shoe, so I’ve never had to worry about not having enough support. An Orange Shoe Personal Fitness franchise has allowed me to take my career to the next level.”

Wade Anderson

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